Patients covered by PRSI are entitled


Patients covered by PRSI are entitled to a free examination every year. There is a tax refund of 20% available for advanced dental treatments, including gum treatment visits to the hygienist, which we will organise for you. We can also offer further discounts on multiple treatments as well as flexible payment options for advanced work.


PRSI Scheme

Patients who are covered under the PRSI scheme now include the self-employed. They are entitled to a examination each year and either a free scale and polish or a 42 euro discount on a trip to the hygienist. These benefits are available once per calender year.


Medical Card Scheme

Patients who have a general Medical Card are entitled to numerous free treatment options:

– One Free examination per year.
– Two free fillings per year.
– Free extractions.
– Free prescriptions.

A standard scale and polish is not covered by the medical card scheme. It may be possible to provide some other treatments such as gum treatment, dentures and root canal treatment in front teeth if they meet the criteria set down by the HSE. It takes time for this application process to happen. We can discuss all of this at the examination appointment.


Tax Relief

Many of the dental procedures we carry out such as crowns, veneers and implants qualify for tax relief at the standard rate. At the end of treatment, we will provide and help complete a Med 2 form which you can use to claim your 20% tax relief.


Fee Guide

PRSI Exam Free of charge
Medical Card Exam Free of charge
Private exam (includes all standard x-rays required) €50
PRSI Scale & polish Free
Scale & polish €40
OPG  (full mouth panoramic x-ray) €50
Prescription €30
Small X-Ray (free with examination) €10


Standard extraction €100
Surgical extraction (e.g. impacted wisdom tooth) €150-200


Fillings   €80 – €120


Child exam €30
Child exam with scale & polish €50
Child filling – baby tooth €50
Child extraction – baby tooth €60
Fissure sealants €25 each
4 for €80
Childrens Mouthguards €70
 Childrens Stainless Steel Crown  €100

Advanced restorative work

Crowns (depending on materials used and aesthetics required) €600-700 *
Cast post and core €150 *
Bridgework €600/unit *
Veneer €550 *
Root canal treatment (price includes permanent filling) – front tooth €400 *
– premolar €450 *
– molar €550 *


PRSI Hygenist appointment (see above)  €38 *
Typical Hygenist appointment takes 45 minutes  €80 *


Partial denture €400-500
Full denture €600
Cobalt Chrome Denture €900

Night guards

Anti-grinding device €180
Anti-snoring device €250


The sedation prices cover the cost of the initial assessment and are to be paid at this visit.

Pre-medication €100
Nitrous Oxide €100
IV Sedation €200

*Cancellation fee may apply for planned surgery cases


Whitening (both arches with custom made trays) €250


Implants €2,200

* Tax deductable on a med 2 form

Oral Surgery

Consultation Fee €120
Simple Extraction €150
Surgical Extraction €230
Impacted Upper 8 €230
Lower 8 €250
Review €30
Biopsy €250
Canine Exposures €400 – €450
Cyst Enucleation €400
Review of a cyst €50
Bone Grafting €1,200
Implant Placement €1,200
Implant Crown €1,000
Socket Preservation €500
IV Sedation €200